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Really fun game, both this and the Warrior version.

Would be better if there was a zoom button, so we could see the action a bit more better.

But I like where the production is going.

Thank you for reply.  I'm glad to hear that you liked it. Well, I did make a zoom button, thing is, it is on Android version XD. And let's just say that is better that way, nobody should see this in close, nobody.

I see...

Do you have a developers blog that I could look at maybe? I'm really interested in the production of this game.

No, not really. I post sometimes on my Patreon page. But most posts about "Lustbane". This game in particular, was just a one week project.I really wanted to see what I can make in limited time, but didn't really wanted to participate in any kind of jam. Also we have newly opened Discord channel. Feel free to join. But me being me, I don't know what and when I will post there.


how does one fix the thing where the mouse is almost the size of the screen

since the arrow thing was fixed for lustbane does that mean we know the solution for this one?

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Yes, I will try to fix this one too.

Sorry if its alot heh...

It's what I supposed to do. And I'm glad that I can fix things in my stuff, that I never know were broken. Thank you. (I updated the game btw.)

Nice I'll check it out later

Btw, where did you find the sexy moans? Is there some sort of sound library for that?

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A really good one! Make a sequel with different spells, creatures and effects on the character! Also, would be nice to have some filter and allow strictly straight or gay version.

Thank you. I was thinking to make a filter in a first place, but it was a personal challenge to make this game in a week, so yeah, I had to left some ideas behind.

What stops you from developing it further?)


Well, actualy nothing but time. I'm already working on Lustbane at my free time. So yeah, maybe I will make it my full time job some day, and then I will have more free time to small but fun projects like this. To be honest I had spent some time on weekend and made content filter, that I wanted to make in a first place, and a new secret to the game, I just having so much fun making it.

"I just having so much fun making it" - cool, that's the key for success - you should enjoy what you're doing! Lustbane looks fine, but very buggy currently. And broken parallax effect is really visible (at least to my eyes) - further plans must move slower than closer ones, not opposite.