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I seem to still have the arrow being huge problem and it not clicking where it is supposed to

I'm sorry, I have no means to debug Mac and Linux versions. Except emulating it on virtual machine.  Well, I was sure that I did fixed it, but apparently I was wrong. But now I wonder if it's any specific Linux build or it's always was a problem. Anyway thank you for comment. I will try to find solution.

Glad to help, dont work too hard!

I think, I did fix it this time. If you have some time, could you please check it?

Of course, maybe later tonight

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so I checked it out, I didnt get anything about an update though but I loaded it up, and at first I saw the big arrow then it loaded for a good minute but it went to the menu with the big arrow again, its weird...wondering if its a mac problem

edit: sorry I was late on that

Wait, you using Mac? Now It's kinda really awkward.  I was thinking about Linux version. I'm sorry. I did reupload mac version. ._.

Have you thought of making discord channel of this? 

ANd possible Steam release?

Love this type of game man! its like almost 2D witcher game with explicit adult content!

Thank you man. Well yes I was thinking about discord channel. But sadly, people don't really seem interested to discuss anything about this game, anywhere I posted it. So I don't really know if it's worth it to try.  And yes I was thinking about releasing on steam. But steam had/has some adult content censorship.  And with my country laws, I doubt if its even legal.  But I'm still going to finish my game and posted it here. And maybe on steam some day.

Haven't seen an update in a long time. Do you plan to return any time soon? Or has the game essentially died?

I'm sorry for missing updates for too long. But I'm still working on, it's just some life stuff happening. I will finish it eventually.

Understandable. After seeing so many cool concepts slow to a crawl before ultimately dying, I suppose it's become a bit of a reflex to automatically assume that a game without recent updates has died. Apologies.

In the linux version of the download the custom mouse pointer has been enlarged to be about a fourth the size of the screen and the actual mouse that interacts with stuff is offset to the side off it making navigating through just the menu nigh impossible. This is the best screenshot I could get as it would show  by using PrntScr.

Thank you for reply. I will try find source of the problem and fix it until next update.

I have had the same problem, there anyway to fix it

I'm sorry that you had to experience that bug.I fixed it in my working build, but it's not ready yet(if it's make sense). Thank you for reply.

nah it makes sense, thanks for answering.

also might be a stupid question, but despite the mouse I have managed to finish the character creation thing, or at least I am pretty sure, for I press done but then I am stuck in that first room thing, is there something I am missing

Hm, that's a new one.  Normal after you hit done, you should be transferred to the next area. 

When you rest at the inn you become incapable of clicking any other buttons it seems

Hi, thank you for reply. I've just tried to sleep 5 times at the inn and it didn't cause bug You mentioned. I've tried alone, and with the party members. But here is the funny part. I got some specials from "Wild Roses" and got into fight in desert. Well, using specials was bad idea. It just buggy as hell.(Most of bugs are fixed in dev build, though). With current party changes I wanted to work on inn anyway. So there is more reasons to start, I guess. Thank you for reply again. 

Played the game.
Spent a while customizing my character.
When I had it how I wanted, I clicked done.
When the game loaded, the character I was controlling was not the character I made…

Is there a place where you can get scars removed? Even if you need to pay gold to have it removed, it would be nice to have a way to remove scars or other (semi-)permanent damage.

Добрый день!

Очень понравился Ваш проект, наиграл в него больше 15-20 часов в версию 0.7 (Правда пришлось начинать игру с начало раз 100 наверное)

Главная проблема на данный момент, битые сейвы. (играл в версию 0.5 и 0.7) на 0.5 такая проблема реже наблюдалась.

Частенько было, когда в пати 2 персонажа переходишь на второго, немного играешь , одеваешь считай все игра вылетит.

Если отправить второго персонажа (нанятого) в бордель , то игра виснет(с основным такой проблемы нет).

Хотелось бы расширить магазин вещей (Который в деревне, хочется собрать по виду определенный сет, но не получается) (и по больше эротической одежды, тема с двумя разными чулками очень классная).

Не хватает сундука в деревне, куда можно шмотки складывать, так как инвентарь весьма ограничен (приходилось нанимать персонажей и делать из них ходячих манекенов)

По больше анимаций, очень понравились анимации footjob (по больше бы таких).

Боевка в целом устраивает, хоть и немного топорная.

Если свяжетесь со мной или напишите как с вами связаться,  готов стать вашем личным тестером, так как игра действительно понравилась.

I've played it  a couple times on the latest version and it tends to bug up after a little bit causing the npc character models to strip down to their base model and flatline their stats to the mins. Basically the gameplay itself breaks and you can one-shot everything at that point. Everything else continues to function. Its just annoying because it takes all the challenge out of the game when this bug strikes.  Oh I should point out that the latest patreon release also does it.

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Oh, thank you for your reply. I just noticed it. This bug you mention, I encountered it once or twice, but I was thinkin that I fixed it. Apparently not, thank you again for comment. I will try to find what cause it.

Well I fixed it. Thank you for pointing on that bug.