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About Lustbane:

Lustbane setting is a medieval-fantasy world.This is a 2D adult-oriented rogue -like with RPG elements game. You take a role of adventurer with gift or bane of the "Lustbane". Game will be in two parts: dungeon crawling and party management in the citys. I planning to do many events that will occur durring players adventures.

Battle System:
Turn-based combat. Combat is heavely affected by characters stats, perks, special attacks and traits. . Permadeath is a thing in this game(optional thing now).

Dialog System:
During players adventures occur many events, some of them have dialogs. Dialog system is affected by character stats. Some of the answers will occur only if character meet requirements.

Character customization:
Hairstyles, piercing, tattos and many other things. There is special place in town where player can adjust look of characters. Also there will be some events that can change character look (not too radical). For example : Lets say you had preeaty heated battle and you barely managed to win this fight, new scar on the character will remind you about how close you were to death.
Characters stats and traits will make player party unique for each play. And not forget about character class.

Tons of loot. Every piece of gear has its rarity level. And I'm fan of asymmetrical look, so you may have different bracers on each hand, or different shoes.

World map and Dungeon map:
Every dungeon has randomized map with randomized rooms and randomized encounters in it. So dungeon is basicle a temple of RNG.
World map will be accesed after clearing the dungeon or if player choose to leave it. On world map will be displayed every region and dungeon to choose.

Quest system:
Player need gold, more gold. Because even the bed in towns inn cost a few coins. And best way to get gold is to complete some quests. Quests will be also randomized. Not all of them, of course.

Mod system:

Players can add more customization stuff in the game. New hairstyles, eyeliner and many other things. For now it's only cosmetical things but I look to make more things to be moddable in the future.

Game features:
- Permadeath

- Party members

- Quests

- Character customization and character stats

- Variable dialog system

- Classes, traits and perks.

- Mods.


v 0.8.1:

Changes to party system:
- Now you can have up to 4 adventurers in a party
- All members will be traveling throughout the level
- But you still need to select party member to change they equipment/ stats(I'm working on it)

Changes to battle system:
- Now it's a group battle (up to 4 characters from each side)
- Now there is an initiative order. It based on agility, perception and luck of the character
- Special attacks can be used on friends or foes
- Finishing moves for each type of weapon
- If your character die, but you have alive party member, you will control them
- Now you can check characters information in the battle by clicking on them. (additional bars will appear at right bottom corner of the screen)
- Fix animator timing issue, so animation should plays much more smoother 
- Camera zoom can be disabled in Options

Other changes:
- Infinite inventory( well I checked it with 300 items, it works))
- New character race: Orcs
- New muscular female body type 
- Color change sliders are switched from RGB to HSV
- Save system changed( old saves won't work, sorry)

Bug fixes:
- Inn bug fixed
- Couple of brothel bugs fixed

Known issues that i'm working on:
- If you switch characters at town and go to brothel immediately, there will be fun bug with equipment
- Some times AI can suicide
- If you can't hire anybody at pub, you probably run out of money (I need to fix this so that the proper message is displayed)

- The game really needs time to load. So be patient please.


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In the linux version of the download the custom mouse pointer has been enlarged to be about a fourth the size of the screen and the actual mouse that interacts with stuff is offset to the side off it making navigating through just the menu nigh impossible. This is the best screenshot I could get as it would show  by using PrntScr.

Thank you for reply. I will try find source of the problem and fix it until next update.

I have had the same problem, there anyway to fix it

I'm sorry that you had to experience that bug.I fixed it in my working build, but it's not ready yet(if it's make sense). Thank you for reply.

nah it makes sense, thanks for answering.

also might be a stupid question, but despite the mouse I have managed to finish the character creation thing, or at least I am pretty sure, for I press done but then I am stuck in that first room thing, is there something I am missing

Hm, that's a new one.  Normal after you hit done, you should be transferred to the next area. 

When you rest at the inn you become incapable of clicking any other buttons it seems

Hi, thank you for reply. I've just tried to sleep 5 times at the inn and it didn't cause bug You mentioned. I've tried alone, and with the party members. But here is the funny part. I got some specials from "Wild Roses" and got into fight in desert. Well, using specials was bad idea. It just buggy as hell.(Most of bugs are fixed in dev build, though). With current party changes I wanted to work on inn anyway. So there is more reasons to start, I guess. Thank you for reply again. 

Played the game.
Spent a while customizing my character.
When I had it how I wanted, I clicked done.
When the game loaded, the character I was controlling was not the character I made…

Is there a place where you can get scars removed? Even if you need to pay gold to have it removed, it would be nice to have a way to remove scars or other (semi-)permanent damage.

Добрый день!

Очень понравился Ваш проект, наиграл в него больше 15-20 часов в версию 0.7 (Правда пришлось начинать игру с начало раз 100 наверное)

Главная проблема на данный момент, битые сейвы. (играл в версию 0.5 и 0.7) на 0.5 такая проблема реже наблюдалась.

Частенько было, когда в пати 2 персонажа переходишь на второго, немного играешь , одеваешь считай все игра вылетит.

Если отправить второго персонажа (нанятого) в бордель , то игра виснет(с основным такой проблемы нет).

Хотелось бы расширить магазин вещей (Который в деревне, хочется собрать по виду определенный сет, но не получается) (и по больше эротической одежды, тема с двумя разными чулками очень классная).

Не хватает сундука в деревне, куда можно шмотки складывать, так как инвентарь весьма ограничен (приходилось нанимать персонажей и делать из них ходячих манекенов)

По больше анимаций, очень понравились анимации footjob (по больше бы таких).

Боевка в целом устраивает, хоть и немного топорная.

Если свяжетесь со мной или напишите как с вами связаться,  готов стать вашем личным тестером, так как игра действительно понравилась.

I've played it  a couple times on the latest version and it tends to bug up after a little bit causing the npc character models to strip down to their base model and flatline their stats to the mins. Basically the gameplay itself breaks and you can one-shot everything at that point. Everything else continues to function. Its just annoying because it takes all the challenge out of the game when this bug strikes.  Oh I should point out that the latest patreon release also does it.

(1 edit)

Oh, thank you for your reply. I just noticed it. This bug you mention, I encountered it once or twice, but I was thinkin that I fixed it. Apparently not, thank you again for comment. I will try to find what cause it.

Well I fixed it. Thank you for pointing on that bug.