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Hi everyone. Yesterday I did post an update of "Lustbane:Tales". And, well, there were a critical bug in it. But later that day I did receive a message from a user about this bug. (I fixed it and reupload the game btw). So I just want to point on importance of community, especially in small projects like this one. I know that every bug is my personal miss, but I'm also know that I'm just a man, and there always would be some things that I missed. But thats why community is so important to me. Those people not just played my game, but they did care about the thing I did. And honestly, that's the only thing that keep me going.

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I am glad that you care about the community ao much, and I hope it eventually pushes you to eventually finish this game, although I haven't really got to play it from what I have seen and heard it has much potential. I only hope that my comments and stuff help you and dont sound harsh instead. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much. They are helping. If not  for your comments I'd never know that I have such problem in my game. And I'm really, no, REALLY sorry that I didn't fix it. But eventually I will fix it. And I hope that you will be still interested in this project by the time. This freaking bug is now again on my priority list.